Sunday, July 10, 2011

JULY 2011

A Few Words from the MAC President…

Our summer shooting schedule is almost over with just two more big 3D Shoots and about five Thursday Night 3D Shoots. Remember, you need at least three scores to qualify for 3D Shooter of the Year, which will be decided at the Greg Sisk Memorial, 3-Man Team Shoot on August 27th.

We just had our club annual and for the most part, I think it was a total success. I think everyone had fun, especially with the novelty shoots. Lewis Armstrong from Augusta Archers, was the big winner in the Iron Buck Shoot. Gina Nadzam, Charlie Wright and Dalton Jenkins were all winners in the Jug Shoot. Charlie Wright won the Long Shot competition with a 100 yard shot at a balloon. Jared Williams won the Coon Shoot by defeating JR Kirby in a shoot off.  And last but not least, Jayson Sealock won the TUFF-Man 3D shoot. Thanks to all that donated food, cooked, helped in the kitchen, registered shooters, set ranges and prepared the range for this shoot.  It was a total club effort and it was good to see so many involved in helping out.

Also in this newsletter, check out a new feature called Member Profile. This month’s member profile is Charlie Wright.

Thanks, Wade