Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 2011

A Few Words from the MAC President…

Outdoor season is fully underway and some really good shoots are coming up. Check out the "Upcoming Dates and Events" listed on the sidebar of the website. Thursday night 3Ds are having some great turnouts with paybacks almost every week.

Congratulations to Charlie Wright and Jared Williams for winning the 2-Man Unknown-Best Arrow 3D Shoot and to Jayson Sealock and Buck Higgins for winning the 2-Man Unknown ½ Spots- ½ 3D Shoot.

Thanks to all those that have helped out at the outdoor range the last couple months; Dave Robinson, Hunter Munson, Charlie Wright, Wayne East, JR Kirby, Gina Nadzam, Sean Pond and especially Jared Williams who set an excellent range for the ½ & ½ shoot.

Thanks, Wade

Have a photo or information you would like to share in the newsletter or online? Let me know and have a great summer!
Gina Nadzam, MAC Secretary,