Sunday, November 22, 2009

Newsletter, November 2009

November 2009- Election Month- Ballot at bottom


Elections for Club Officers are this month, your ballot is at the bottom of this newsletter. Please circle your choices, detach, and put in the self addressed envelope provided, and drop in the mail as soon as possible. The unopened envelopes will be opened at the December meeting and counted by current Secretary and Vice President. According to the by-laws, all ballots MUST be received BY MAIL before the December meeting, so the sooner you get it in the mail, the better. No hand deliveries can be accepted. Remember to not put any of your identifying information (name/ address) on the ballot or return envelope. Thank you!

And the Nominees for 2010& 2011 Officers are….
(in alphabetical order) Ballot bottom of page

President: Wade Colton (Unopposed, re-elected)
Vice President: Phil Morris / Dave Robinson (Incumbent)
Treasurer: Bryan English (Incumbent) / Linda Sealock
Secretary: Gina Nadzam / Karen Williams
Range Captain: Jeremy Spiker
VBA/ Publicity Representative: JR Kirby / Arthur Sommers

To Whom It May Concern:
Hunting Season is IN, good luck to everyone, and be safe out there!
Please do not dispose of deer carcasses at the Outdoor Range.
Thank you for your consideration of the Club grounds and the Members who use it.

Friday December 4, 2009 -----------------MAC monthly meeting, 6:30 pm, Indoor building-- ELECTION RESULTS!
We will be discussing and voting on Indoor Rules, please show up and make suggestions!, or