Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newsletter, September/ October 2009

October 2009
A Few Words From the MAC President..

Lots of news and information to share this month. Congratulations go out to Brian Benson, Joseph Dawkins and Phil Painter for winning the 3-Man 3D Shoot. Charlie Wright, Greg Sisk and I (Wade Colton) took second. Joseph Dawkins had the high score. JR Kirby won the “Iron Buck” contest; Greg Sisk and I tied in the 100 yd. Balloon Shot; Jeremy Spiker and I won the Horseshoe Tournament.

The 1st Annual MAC Banquet, I think, went really well. Thanks to all who supplied food and congratulations to all the members who received awards. Hopefully this will continue to grow and be better every year.

Our next meeting will be November 6th. We will be taking last call for nominations of Executive Members. We will also be discussing rules for this year’s upcoming Indoor Season, so come out to the meeting; you could win $160.00 and nominate members who you think could better this club.

On a final note, congratulations to Gina Nadzam on her very first Bow Harvest. Way to go Gina!



And the Nominees for 2010& 2011 Officers are….
(in alphabetical order)

President: Wade Colton (re-elect)
Vice President: Phil Morris /Dave Robinson (re-elect)/
JR Rollison
Treasurer: JR Kirby / Linda Sealock
Secretary: Gina Nadzam / Karen Williams
Range Captain: Jeremy Spiker
VBA/ Publicity Representative: Brian Benson / Arthur Sommers

Nominations are open to all Members, and will be accepted until the November 6th meeting.

**********To Whom It May Concern:**********
Please do not dispose of deer carcasses at the Outdoor Range.
Thank you for your consideration of the Club grounds and the Members who use it.

* Help is always appreciated maintaining the Ranges, Indoor and Outdoor
* Kitchen help is always needed and appreciated at the shoots.

Friday November 6 --MAC monthly meeting, 6:30 pm, Indoor building
macarchery@yahoo.com, or www.macarchery.blogspot.com