Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Newsletter June 2008

June 2008

A Few Words From the MAC President..
By the time you receive this newsletter, our Spot League should be finished. 3D’s are still on Thursdays until September. We have had great turnouts for 3D’s. It’s not too early to start planning and practicing for hunting season, so plan on coming out to shoot.

We have some really big shoots coming up. Our 4-Man Team Shoot is always a great time. If you don’t have a team, and would like to shoot, show up! Someone is always looking for a teammate. Also, our Annual is this month, which would be a great time to invite a guest to come shoot since there’s so much going on.

Congratulations to Vance Cave for winning 30 target 3D shoot with a score of 301!!

In wrapping things up, I would like to thank Ronnie Benson for donating back stop material, Reece Hensley and Vance Cave for rebuilding target butts, Bradley Robinson for mowing the practice range, Buck Higgins for general mowing, Jeremy Spiker’s Dad Pete Pomeroy for fixing the lawnmower, and Wayne East for spreading gravel at the Indoor Building’s parking lot. Thanks to you all, we really appreciate it!

Thanks, and Good Shooting,

WELCOME to our Newest Members! Our Club is continuing to grow, thanks to you!

For Your Information..

* 3D Shoots are every Thursday night through September, starting at 5:00; cost is $8.00. As a reminder, in order to contend for Shooter of the Year, you must have at least 3 scores from Thursday nights.

We’ve gone Digital!

*We now have a Club Blog at as well as an email address at MACArchery@ Please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions you can contact me there. Newsletters will be posted there before they're printed and mailed, as well as any information that didn’t make it into the newsletter.

Interested in sponsoring a lane? You would be responsible for maintaining and keeping your lane clean. At the end of the season, members will be voting for the “BEST LANE”, and the winner(s) will receive an as yet to be determined prize.. Feel free to suggest a good motivating award.. leave a comment on the blog!

Dates to Remember
Friday, July 4th ---MAC monthly meeting, 6:30 pm, Indoor Building
Saturday, July 19th -------- 4-Man Team Shoot; 11:oo shotgun start
Sat & Sun, July 26th & 27th -----------------------------MAC Annual
Sunday, August 3rd --------------------------------------- MAC P. F&H

Have a photo or information you’d like to see in the newsletter? Let me know!
Michele Sommers, MAC Secretary, or (540-635-6824)