Friday, June 13, 2008

The Birth of a Blog...

Rather than spend a bunch of money on a website that may or may not get used, I thought I'd sign us up for a blog first, and we'll see how it goes. I will post our newsletters here, and any important Club information.. Feel free to comment: give suggestions on either the blog or the Club, or just let me know you're checking it out so I can gauge whether this is a successful form of communication with the Club Members.

I have also signed us up for an email... Feel free to contact me through that address with suggestions, questions, whatever. I'm going to try to put lots of pictures in here too, so unless you want to see only my photos, send me yours. If you see a photo you find offensive or you just don't want on here, please let me know and I will remove it.

Since this is the rookie run of the blog, I'll post a copy of last month's newsletter. This also gives me a chance to see if it will work!

May 2008

A Word From the MAC President..
Outdoor season is well under way and we are a couple of weeks into our spot league. If you are not on a team and would still like to shoot, show up on Tuesday evenings; cost is $8.00. Our 30 target 3D Shoot went well, with about 20 Shooters participating. Congratulations to Al Painter, who won with a score of 290!

I’d especially like to thank those who have continued to show up for work parties. Thanks to Al and Phil Painter for weed eating spot lanes, and Dave Robinson for weed eating around the indoor building. JR Kirby has been handling the spot league, thanks JR!

Thanks, and Good Shooting,
WELCOME to our Newest Members! Our Club is continuing to grow, thanks to you!
A Hearty THANKS!! Out To:

***Everyone who continues to help with setting up targets and getting things ready for shoots. Your help is greatly appreciated; thanks to everyone who has been coming out to help keep the Outdoor range in shape for the Outdoor Season.

For Your Information..
*Spot Leagues are every Tuesday night starting at 5:00, cost is $8.00. It’s not too late to join!

* 3D Shoots are every Thursday night starting at 5:00, cost is $8.00. As a reminder, in order to contend for Shooter of the Year, you must have at least 3 scores from Thursday nights.

* JR Kirby suggested a new road sign for the Outdoor Range. If anyone has suggestions or wants to make a contribution, see JR or Dave Robinson.

* Anyone able to work on the horseshoe pits? They need to be spiffed up!

*Work continues on the Pavilion, see Dave Robinson if you want to help out.

* We have a number of important issues to discuss at the next meeting, please do your best to make it..

Dates to Remember
June 6th ...........MAC monthly meeting, 6:30 pm, Indoor Building
June 8th........................................Massanutten F/H
June 28th & 29th ................................Two Rivers Annual

Have a photo or information you’d like to see in the newsletter? Let me know!
Michele Sommers, MAC Secretary, (540-635-6824, leave message), or comment here!