Friday, May 21, 2010

Newsletter, April 2010

A Few Words from the MAC President.......
Our outdoor season is fully underway with Thursday Night 3Ds, the 2-Man Spot League and our first major 3D shoot of the year this month. Congratulations to the 50/50 payback winners, Jayson Sealock and Tim Reedy on May 6th - George Jenkins and Tommy Jenkins May 21st. So far these are the only Thursday shoots that we’ve had enough shooters to payback. So come on out and just maybe you could win too.

Our 2-Man Unknown Team Shoot on May 8th went very well. We had a good turnout and a very challenging course. The winners were: 1st Place-Jeremy Spiker and Jay Sealock; 2nd Place-Tommy Jenkins and Gina Nadzam; 3rd Place-JR Kirby and myself. MAC also raised over $100 for the March of Dimes with a 3D Shoot that was held on May 14th. Thanks to all who participated and donated money.

I want to thank all those who showed up for the work party on April 24th, Dave Robinson, Al Painter, Gina Nadzam and Hunter Munson. Also thanks to Arthur Sommers for spraying the range and grounds for ticks and chiggers. Hopefully this will help deter those little bloodsuckers.

We would also like members to submit photos of your hunting harvest to post on the MAC website for a new hunting gallery.

On a final note, I’m concerned about all the negative things being said about the range and the way shoots are run. Remember, this is “your” club. If you see something that needs to be done, take some initiative and help out rather than complain. If you have not paid your dues, then you should not complain at all. This is not meant to make anyone mad but to get club members to work together and do their part to make this the best club possible.

Thanks and I’ll see ya on the Range, Wade.
Outdoor Range News

Other News and Info
~  Joseph Dawkins' name was drawn at the May 7th Club Meeting.  The kitty for the next meeting is now $40.
~  Volunteers are needed to run the kitchen during the outdoor shoots.  If you can help out during any of the scheduled shoots, please contact Jeremy Spiker.

VBA Info
The Editor of VBA Flight Magazine, David Burpee has requested VBA member input for the next publication (see email below).  If you have something you would like to contribute in the Flight Magazine, please send your ideas to and I will consolidate our ideas and send from the club, or you can contact David Burpee directly @  Deadline is June 14th.
email from David Burpee......
Ladies and gentlemen,
Yes, it is that time again. I'm getting great input to FLIGHT from VBA members and through you hope to keep the momentum. Can you please let your members know that for the summer I am looking for articles/information in the categories listed below. The articles don't need to be long. And, if pictures are available that would be great in .pdf format. Also, if a member does not feel comfortable writing an article, have him/her call me. We can discuss the info over the phone, I'll draft the article and send it to them for approval.

Trophy Room -- Anything about hunts left over from last year or turkey/hog or other hunts this year. Or, just a general story about hunting -- challenges, funny events, beauty of the outdoors, etc.

Club article -- Anything about a VBA club. I thought I heard someone mention they might do an article on the Iron Man Shoot???? Other ideas include short history of club, support to charities, involvement with education programs, etc.

Club ads -- We can print an ad for a key club event, e.g. annual shoot, etc. This issue we hope to have ads for the Dutch & Mertie and Iron Man shoots. Ads can range from a full page to a quarter page depending on space available.

Recipes -- I don't have one for this issue. Get some with author's name and send them to me. I'll feed them into the FLIGHT over the next few issues (pun intended....).

Idea Corner -- Each club has something they think is mundane, but would be an idea for others. For example, this issue we will run pictures and have an article about the methods used at Augusta to hang bows and store bow cases. Routine requirement, interesting solution. Please think about your situation and send an idea.

Dates to Remember
Saturday, May 22 ------------------------------------ Work Party
Sunday, May 23 --------------- MAC F/H Pin Shoot, 8am-12pm
Sat/Sun, May 29 & 30 ---- VBA State Open, Sherwood Archers
Friday, June 4 --------- Monthly meeting, 6:30pm Indoor Bldg.
Saturday, June 5 -- MAC 2-Man Unknown, 14-3D & 14-F/H, 11:00pm
Sunday, June 6 ---------- Shenadoah F/H Pin Shoot, 8am-12pm
Sat/Sun, June 12 & 13 ------------------------------ VBA Meeting
Saturday, June 19 ------------------------------------- Work Party
Sunday, June 20 ----------------MAC F/H Pin Shoot, 8am-12pm
Weekly Thursday 3D Shoots, 5:00pm
Have a photo you would like to contribute to the new Bowhunting Photo Gallery? E-mail them to me at: 
Gina Nadzam, MAC Secretary