Saturday, August 1, 2009

Newsletter, July 2009

July 2009

A Few Words From the MAC President..

This has been a busy month at the MAC Range. The 4-Man Team shoot, I think, was a big success. We had nine teams, loads of fun and great food. I want to apologize to some of the Shooters that were misinformed about the shoot being a money payback. If you ever have questions about shoot prices, dates or need any other information, please check the MAC website ( or call me personally.

Thanks go out to Jeremy Spiker and Jared Williams for setting the range; John Barbee for donating the Pig; Keith Maddox and Brian Benson for sand in the Horseshoe Pits; Tommy and Crystal Jenkins for the fabulous pork rub; Bradley Robinson for digging the hole to cook the pig, and all those who donated the great side dishes. Thanks also to Dave Robinson and Al Painter for all the work they’ve done on the Field Range, and Reece Hensley and Dave Robinson for their work on the concrete slab and the bridge to the practice range. Thanks guys the range looks great! Winners of the 4-Man shoot were Al Painter, Jeremy Dean, Vance Cave and Mitch Stonesifer.

Our Annual was also a great success. Thanks again to all those that donated side dishes, JR Kirby for cooking the chicken and Gina Nadzam for running the kitchen. Thanks to Jeremy Spiker for helping me with setting up the “Tuffman” 3D Range and George Jenkins for loaning us the Iron Buck. We had quite a few Shooters (Spots and 3D) and the novelty shoots were really fun. Arthur Sommers won the 100 yard Balloon Shoot, JR Kirby won the Iron Buck Shoot and Justin Lloyd won the Tuffman 3D Shoot. JR Kirby and Robbie Atkins won the Horseshoe Tournament on Saturday evening and Brian Benson won the 50/50 raffle. Thanks to all those that participated.

The Spot League is now over, with Al Painter and Phil Painter taking first place. The Club Championship Trophy will be given at a later date, when we have our banquet. We will also be discussing the banquet at the next meeting, so please plan to attend and share your ideas.

I would also like to welcome new members Greg Goode and family and Tim Frenz and family. Hope to see you on the range.

Don’t forget Aug 29th is our last big 3D shoot of the year, the “Greg Sisk Memorial, 3-Man 3D Shoot". It’s a great shoot to celebrate the life of a great man and great friend. If you want to shoot for 3D Shooter of the Year, you must have three scores before this shoot to qualify, so get out to the range on Thursday evenings and shoot some 3Ds.


*Tad Hartsell was the name drawn at the July meeting, and since he was not in attendance, the pot is now up to $100... The last meeting took 12 minutes, so that would have been nearly $7 a minute… hmmm… pays to show up!


* Help is always appreciated maintaining the Outdoor Range… mowing, weedeating, etc.
* Kitchen help is always needed and appreciated for the outdoor season.



Friday August 7 -MAC monthly meeting, 6:30 pm, Indoor building
Saturday, August 8 ---------- Work Party, Outdoor Range
Sunday, August 9 ------- MAC Shoot Field/ Hunter (Spot)
Saturday, August 29--Greg Sisk Memorial 3-Man 3D Shoot

Best of luck to everyone shooting, hope you’re all having a great summer so far! Have a photo or information you’d like to see in the newsletter or online? Let me know!
Michele Sommers, MAC Secretary, or