Thursday, October 23, 2008


October 2008

(Pictures coming soon...)

A Few Words From the MAC President..

Bow season is here! I want to congratulate Aron Robinson and Phil Morris for harvesting their first ever archery deer! If you would still like to get in on the Big Buck Contest, see Arthur Sommers. And if you do happen to have luck this archery season, get pictures to Michele Sommers or myself; you just might see yourself in a newsletter or on the web page…

Many thanks go out this month. First I would like to thank Dave Robinson and Brian Benson for attending the VBA scheduling meeting to represent our Club. Thanks to all the kids and parents for coming out to the trout rodeo, fun was had by all and the meal afterward was great. Hunter Munson and Emma Benson both caught Golden Trout. Thanks to Aaron Benson for bringing cooking oil, fish and hush puppy batter, and Tommy Jenkins for cooking the fish to perfection. Thanks to Arthur and Michele Sommers for donating prizes and making buttons for the kids.

In other news, some work has been done at the indoor building-- Phil Morris laid tile on the kitchen counters, Dave and Aron Robinson make and hung wall cabinets. Sink is installed and water is on and running. Come check it out!

Thanks, and good luck hunting,

For Your Information..

Things are pretty quiet at the moment, but there are a few things you should know. .

* There is a right of way through the indoor range driveway now, so please be aware of it and use the parking lots at the bottom and top of the hill. Please keep the driveway clear. Thank you!

* There should be a membership application with your newsletter this month- dues are payable between now and the end of December, but the sooner the better, it will count towards the next full year even if you pay early. If for some reason you didn’t receive one, please let me know, or pick one up at the indoor range.


**Indoor Building work parties continue every third Sunday in November and December. Come on out and lend a hand, maybe get some practice shots in. The more help we get, the faster the work gets done…

Dates to Remember
Friday, November 7th ----------------MAC monthly meeting, 6:30 pm, Indoor Building
3rd Sundays, November and December -------------- work parties at Indoor Building


Be safe out there in the woods, everyone! Best of luck!

Have a photo or information you’d like to see in the newsletter? Let me know!
Michele Sommers, MAC Secretary, or (540-635-6824)